How’d I do?

A little over a month ago I challenged myself to complete 19 tasks on the UNC Bucket List with a month to go before graduation. You may be wondering – how’d I do?

Here’s what I crossed off:

Climb the Bell Tower during Senior WeekIMG_0003Drink from the Old WellIMG_0609Read an issue of the DTH from cover to coverIMG_0615Have a picnic in the ArboretumIMG_9902Talk a walk across campus early in the morning before anyone else is awakeIMG_9637Go to an a cappella concertIMG_0052Go to the Senior Etiquette DinnerIMG_0051See a CUAB free film in the Union AuditoriumIMG_9888Listen to some bluegrass at Fridays on the Front Porch at the Carolina InnIMG_0441Have a Jordan Lake day with your best friendsIMG_0263Stop by the Historic Horace Williams House and see a local art exhibition

IMG_0189Pretend to fire the ROTC cannon


I tallied it up, and I completed 80 tasks on the official UNC Bucket List I created. This translates to 80 percent – a passing grade! The vast majority of tasks I missed were due to an existing conflict, (going out of town on the weekend of Holi Moli, etc.) and some just didn’t happen for one reason or another. And that’s alright. Bucket Lists are meant to drive us and motivate us – not to set the standard of perfection. Completing 80 percent of the official UNC Bucket List is a great accomplishment, and this still leaves some extra tasks for me to complete when I return to Chapel Hill. After all, who knew the Bynum Fountain would be closed up until graduation?!

For my final post on the “Blogging My Bucket Full” section of this blog, I want to share with you what I did do that was on my personal UNC Bucket List that compensates for the 20 tasks I failed to complete on the official list. When I was creating the official 100 tasks of the UNC Bucket List, I naturally set aside some tasks that I wanted to accomplish myself that wouldn’t necessarily appeal to the vast majority of the student body.The University has a different meaning to each student that passes through its halls, and here are some remaining Bucket List tasks that I accomplished on my own:

Go to Pint Night at He’s Not Here:


Dine in Durham’s Brightleaf District:


Head to Fullsteam Brewery in Durham (recommended brew: Cardinal Pine):  


Eat a giant burrito in the garden at Carrburritos:


Sit underneath the trees at the beer garden at Milltown:


Head to the North Carolina State Fair with your best friends:


Attend an overnight Journalism School Networking Trip:


Play arcade games like the original Ms. PacMan and Frogger at Barcade:


Host a tailgate before a football game at Morehead Planetarium:


Become an activist for an afternoon in the Pit:


Go to France for the night at Provence in Carrboro:


Find the secret bar in Carrboro:


Participate in SantaCon in Raleigh:


Be featured in a student news outlet:


Go swimming in Bowman Gray Indoor Pool in Woolen Gym:


Host a Pizza Crawl to all your favorite pizza joints on Franklin Street:IMG_8423

Attend a concert at DPAC:


Wait in line for your 2015 pint glass at Senior Pint Night at He’s Not Here:


Head to Monuts Donuts in Durham:


Gaze up at the beautiful trees in bloom on a spring day in the Upper Quad:


Go running in Tenney Circle – and stop to take as many pictures as possible:


Cut through the Arboretum while walking to class:


Stroll through Gimghoul Circle and take in the picturesque cottages:


Head to Wrightsville Beach for the weekend with your best friends:


Have the breakfast burrito at Jessee’s Coffee & Bar in Carrboro:

IMG_9922Having a personal UNC Bucket List is important. While I naturally wanted to complete certain quintessential UNC Bucket List tasks that appeal to every kind of Carolina student, it was incredibly fulfilling to complete the tasks above because I discovered them on my own. I’d see a restaurant, write it down, and make a note to go there sometime. Repeat.

As life goes on, for each city I live in and community I’m a part of, I’ll form a personal bucket list to make sure I make the most of everyday life.

Next stop: Atlanta, starting June 1. #BuckheadBucketList, anyone?